Please Intervene

by strangeday

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released January 27, 2007

strangeday is:
Drums and Vocals - Paul West
Bass - Ally Goss
Guitar and Vocals - Aaron Noordally
Vocals and Guitar - Toby Hawkins

Additional musicians:
Keyboards - Tom Cohen
Samples and Scratching - Nathan Tremeer

Produced, Recorded and Engineered by strangeday
with help from Paul Bungay, Mark Goslett and Tom Cohen
Mixed and Mastered by Luke Fellingham at Luna Sound (
Album artwork by Hannah Noordally, John Hawkins and Toby Hawkins
Soldier photos by Hagit M.

All songs written by strangeday


all rights reserved



strangeday England, UK

We're strangeday, a rock band based in Kent.

We've been together since 2000 and we've had an interesting journey, with pauses for various things like university and family along the way.

Recently, though, we've been finishing 10 songs which we are releasing one at a time in 2013. We think they're the best work we've done yet and would love as many people as possible to hear them.
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Track Name: Hide
Do I shield my face from the light?
Do I live my life as a lie?
Do I have time to rectify the wrong to right?
Tonight, I don't have time for this

It's easy to hide your shadow in the dark of night
But daytime comes and brings everything to light

Do I hide my face with a lie?
Do I live my life in the light
Do I have time to rectify the wrong to right?
Tonight, I don't have time for this
Track Name: Punchbowl
Taken down for a spell
Something doesn't quite make sense
Squinting to get focus
Hedge your bets and climb the fence

I've never been here before
But I could get used to this
Been knocking at your door
Looking for some kind of bliss
It never gets old

Putting up with myself
Something to get used to
Do not rest here
Buckle up and pass right through

Can't find the shift to cruise to control
Can't get off, can't turn it round
Lose the world and gain my soul
Track Name: Haunted House
You call yourself a decent friend
Always with an ear to lend
Giving me a helping hand
You said you'd always understand

And I don't know what I'm supposed to have done
And I don't know what I'm doing here
And I don't know how it came undone
No I don't know

Something isn't making sense
Things are getting too intense
Ok I think I catch your drift
It wasn't meant to be like this
Track Name: Insight
So here I am again
Same everything
Staring at the same walls
and putting down my thoughts
Is this home?
Is this where I am meant to be?

Another day in the role of me
Wondering what to do with myself
I know there's a reason
But only time will tell

Social rings closing in
Although it's early days
Drinking, flirting with who's near
Candles light the space
Staring away
Trying to think what to say

Sitting on my own
On the outside looking in
Some ask if I'm alright
Some just say goodbye

And it's all so amusing
Seeing just the same again
If you could see through my eyes
You'd be smiling inside
Track Name: Grace Abuse
Fade away
Efforts futile playing games
It stays the same
Don't know why but I still feel like
You're to blame
You promised me that you'd be there
I hide the pain
It all falls down and finally I see

I don't know where to go
Don't know what to do with myself
Let it go
It all falls down and finally I see

Another day
Empty, lonely, gone astray
More of the same
I start to see that in the end
I am to blame
I'll follow you through thick and thin
It's not a game
I give it all to you and now I

I won't feel this way

All alone
I was blinded by my own hand
Goes to show
You should look a little harder as you go
Track Name: Back Off
And now you've got me all sussed out
Oh you're astute I do not doubt
Didn't even think you might be wrong
And now the star of your own song

Get off my back give me some room,
I need some breathing space
You knock me down leave me for dead
I'm not dead yet

Somehow you've got me all uptight
I won't go down without a fight
You will not have the best of me
Give it a go just wait and see
Track Name: Fogpilot
Was gonna make my way through all this fog
Pretty sure I was headed the right way way back there
And I thought I knew just who I was
But you're not supposed to be able to drown in thin air

I have no choice but to go on
Barely strength enough to sing this song
I have no inspiration, just left with desparation
I am a stranger in my head

And now the light is playing games
The shadows shift fake landmarks everywhere
And I thought I knew just who you were
Through it all all I wanted was to hear you scream my name

I want to fly

You're gonna fly
Track Name: Beautiful
Pacing forwards
A battle in my mind
I'm fighting a battle in my life
Held back the tears so many times
There must be a river inside

Help me
I'm running away from You
And I don't even know
I didn't
Know that I'm so tired
Of what I see in me

Pacing circles
A battle for my mind
I'm losing a battle for my life
I've cried so many times
The river must run dry

In fear I crawl to the shadows of my mind
I live a secret, live a lie
So why do I tremble in the dark?
When I've got nothing to hide

See me
I'm beautiful to You
Beautiful right through
And You
You always let me know
You always tell me so
I'm beautiful
Track Name: Always You
I am the king of the laissez faire
I could change my mind but I don't wanna go there
I want you close I want you out of my hair
Every word you speak lays my intentions bare
And it's always You

Here's your chance to come and listen in
If you don't know what to say you can fake a grin
I have every intention of acting on the slightest whim
I can't believe your patience isn't wearing thin
And it's always You

So many things I do turn out paper thin
I had no idea that this was sink or swim
I'm praying against this tendency not to care
Gonna make it this time, this time I swear
And it's always You
Track Name: Not Wasted
You wasted all your time
Sat there thinking about her
She wasted all your time
Couldn't think of anything
Better to be doing
So you sat and dreamt your life away
And oh, it goes on

Sit back and comprehend
This is how the story goes
Ten years on from now you'll be
Wishing all the time
That it didn't have to be
Such a part of you
And oh, it goes on

There's a million other people
With exactly this complaint
I don't claim to be unique
But for all the cautionary tales
That have been told
There'll be another right along
And oh, it goes on and on and on

Good memories
Built a dream and then it died
Let it go, let her go
He will give you something better
Track Name: Give It Some
How 'bout this now
Turn around another day
More to do but fear just gets up
In my face and in my way
It's the fear that leads me on
There to push me on
It needs to be there
But I cannot move 'cause now I'm scared

I can't do this on my own
You should see it from up here
I can see for miles around
You should be the one up here
It's a whole new world now

Is this the reason for today
I'm lost without a trace but should I
Make it something worth the pain
I have a tendency to fall
Not the will to learn
The inch I give does not
Deserve the mile I get returned

How 'bout this now
The situation's do or die
I'm bereft of all that's left it's just
This thorn that's twisting in my side
It would seem my best laid plans
Have seen better days
Well, oh well, what the hell
Let's give it some now anyways
Track Name: Get Me Through
Monday you're more than I can bear
And I don't even know You're there
M'aidez no thoughts to see me through
And I don't know what I can do
Will I put my trust in You

Wednesday more feelings of despair
And I don't even seem to care
Today was more than I could bear
And I'm starting over again
I remember way back when

Waiting for God to get me through
M'aidez no thoughts to see me through

Jesus is my hope
Jesus my only hope